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A.V. Mapping

AVMapping is a web application that uses artificial intelligence to find music and sound effects for your videos, images, and text. It helps you create engaging and professional audiovisual content in minutes. The following are some features of AVMapping:


Paid plans start at $60/month

What is A.V. Mapping?

Movies and pictures to music: You'll be able to add or drag your movies or images and AVMapping will discover the right matching music and sound results for it. It learns the temper, style, and elegance of your video or picture and recommends appropriate tracks from its library. - Music to Music: It's also possible to seek for music by emotion, style, musicality or reference music. AVMapping will discover the music closest to your preferences and allow you to preview and edit it. - Textual content to Music and SFX: It's also possible to enter or paste textual content, scripts, plot summaries or cue sheets and AVMapping will discover the music and sound results for it. Premium plans supply this characteristic. - Audio Enhancing: You'll be able to edit music and sound results on AVMapping's internet app. You'll be able to trim, loop, fade in/out, regulate quantity, and blend a number of tracks. It's also possible to obtain audio information in MP3 or WAV format. - Licenses: You should buy licenses for music and sound results used on AVMapping. The license covers private and business use, on-line and offline distribution, and limitless viewing and downloading. If you wish to collaborate with human musicians, you can even signal a contract with them. AVMapping is a good device for anybody who wants so as to add music and sound results to their initiatives. Whether or not you're a filmmaker, blogger, marketer or hobbyist, you possibly can simply create beautiful audiovisual content material utilizing AVMapping.


It saves time and effort for creators who need to find the right music and sounds for their projects It offers a variety of music and sound options based on emotion, genre, musicality or reference music It can generate music and sounds from text, scripts, plots Summary or tip sheet It can offer profit sharing, custom pricing, non-exclusive contracts and non-training licenses to musicians who sell music on the platform It can host AI-led contests and web3 concert creators for musicians and virtual universes


It may not capture the nuances and subtleties of human creativity and expression It may not guarantee the originality and quality of the music and sounds it produces or licenses It may not protect the intellectual property and privacy of musicians and creators using the Platform It may not be compatible with all formats and devices that creators use to upload or edit their videos and images It may not be affordable or accessible to some musicians and creators with limited budgets or internet connectivity