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If you're looking for a way to listen to text in any audio format, you might want to check out Audioread. Audioread is a service that turns any article, PDF, email, or pasted text into a podcast using natural-sounding text-to-speech conversion. You can subscribe to a personal RSS feed that Audioread creates for you in…

What is Audioread?

Audioread is free to make use of and helps 18 languages. You'll be able to convert as much as 100,000 phrases per conversion and as much as 500,000 phrases per day. You'll be able to convert textual content to audio utilizing the online app, browser extension, iOS shortcut, or Android app. You can even ahead an electronic mail, drag and drop a PDF, copy/paste textual content, or spotlight textual content. Audioread makes use of ultra-realistic AI voices that sound actually good. You'll be able to view some samples of transformed articles on Audioread's web site. You can even select from totally different voice choices and playback speeds. Audioreading is an effective way to shortly get by way of your studying listing whilst you're figuring out, cooking, commuting, operating errands, or doing the rest. It permits you to take pleasure in the advantages of studying with out having to stare at a display or maintain a e book. If you happen to're concerned with making an attempt Audioread, you can begin a free trial on their web site:


You can listen to any text in your podcast app or browser with ultra-realistic AI voices. You can convert text to audio in a variety of ways, such as browser extensions, email forwarding, PDF drag and drop, and more. On the Audioread website you can access a large number of articles from various sources and topics.


You have to pay $15 per month to use all of Audioread's features, such as unlimited words per conversion and 18 languages. When listening to text rather than reading it, you may miss some visual information or formatting.