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AudioShake is a platform that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to separate audio tracks into different stems, such as vocals, drums, bass, and more. This allows users to create new versions of songs, remixes, samples or sync licenses for different purposes. AudioShake claims to have state-of-the-art artificial intelligence technology that can deliver high-quality source code from…


Paid plans start at $20/month.

What is Audioshake?

AudioShake is accessible in two variations: Indie and Professional. Indie is for unbiased artists, producers, and music lovers who wish to experiment with their very own music or different favourite songs. Unbiased customers can add tracks, choose the stems they need extracted, after which obtain them at no cost. They'll additionally fine-tune the stems utilizing sliders and filters. Unbiased customers can add as much as 10 tracks per 30 days at no cost. Professional is for professionals who want to make use of it for business functions, reminiscent of music publishers, report labels, music administrators, or sync brokers. Professional customers can entry a catalog of over 70 million songs from main and unbiased report labels and request songs on demand. They'll additionally add their very own tracks and get customized stems supplied by AudioShake's group of specialists. Professional customers pay a month-to-month subscription charge primarily based on their utilization. AudioShake has been praised by many business specialists and media for its progressive and highly effective expertise. DJ Magazine mentioned "AudioShake is by far the clearest separation of its sort." Merck Mercuriadis, CEO of Hipgnosis Music Fund, mentioned "AudioShake is the primary platform to really attain broadcast high quality ranges." Audiosocket CEO Jenn Miller mentioned "Audioshake's on-demand stemming expertise blew us away". If you're involved in attempting AudioShake, you'll be able to go to their web site and join a free account. It's also possible to observe them on social media for updates and tips about learn how to use their platform. AudioShake is a good way to unleash your creativity and uncover new prospects in music.


It creates high-quality stems from stereo tracks that can be used for various purposes such as sampling, syncing licenses, remastering, remixing, and more. It can identify and isolate different components within a piece of audio, such as vocals, bass, drums, and more. It can also eliminate bleed from multi-track live recordings or remaster old tracks. It has received rave reviews from many music industry professionals such as songwriters, producers, publishers, record labels and music directors. It offers free trials and affordable pricing plans for independent artists and creators.


It may not work well with certain music genres or styles with complex or overlapping sounds. It may not separate each stem perfectly or accurately, especially if the original track is of low quality or noisy. It may not handle certain formats or file types that are not supported by the platform. It may not guarantee legal license or rights to stems created or used by users. It may face competition from other similar technologies or platforms that provide stem separation services.