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Cohere claims to automate up to 60% of ticket processing and reduce costs for customer service teams. It also helps increase customer satisfaction and loyalty by providing instant and reliable support. Cohere is trusted by leading companies such as Ramp, Loom, Rippling, OpenPhone, Flock Safety and Podium.

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What is Cardina?

Cohere is a conversational AI platform that helps buyer help groups present quick, correct solutions to clients. It makes use of superior pure language processing to know buyer queries and generate personalised responses primarily based on obtainable help assets. Cohere can even step-by-step stroll clients by means of options and carry out actions on their behalf. Cohere works on any channel, reminiscent of net, cellular, telephone or chat. Cohere is backed by world-class traders and founders/leaders from corporations like Stripe, Slack, Dropbox, and Shopify. It is usually hiring proficient software program engineers who wish to innovate and push boundaries within the area of conversational synthetic intelligence.


Cohere is a conversational AI platform that helps customer support agents provide users with personalized and accurate answers. Cohere can use existing support resources, such as articles and past conversations, to generate solutions with just one click. Cohere can also perform actions on behalf of users, such as making appointments, unsubscribing or updating information. Cohere understands and predicts customer trends and needs and provides insights and feedback to improve customer satisfaction and retention. Cohere supports multiple languages and channels such as web, email, phone and chat.


Cohere is still in beta, which means it may have some bugs or limitations that need to be fixed or improved. Cohere may not be able to handle complex or unclear queries that require human judgment or expertise. Cohere may be incompatible with some existing systems or platforms used by customer support agents. Cohere may raise some privacy or security concerns because it collects and analyzes user data and conversations, and integration or customization of Cohere may be costly or difficult for some businesses or organizations.