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ChatDOC is a web-based tool that lets you chat with documents and get instant answers through cited sources. It uses a powerful AI model called ChatGPT to read and understand PDF files such as research papers, books, manuals, etc.


Paid plans start from $0

What is ChatDOC?

You'll be able to add your personal information or entry them on-line utilizing a URL. You'll be able to then ask any questions concerning the file's contents and ChatDOC will offer you easy-to-understand solutions in seconds. You may as well create a thread to ask follow-up questions, or choose particular tables or textual content to get extra exact solutions. ChatDOC may also offer you the unique citations from the doc so you may verify the accuracy and reliability of your solutions. ChatDOC is a superb instrument for anybody who desires to be taught sooner and higher from giant paperwork. You'll be able to attempt it without spending a dime or subscribe to the Professional plan for extra options and quotas. ChatDOC is out there on the internet, desktop, and cell gadgets.


ChatDOC answers your questions about documents that cite sources, helping you read faster and learn better. ChatDOC can handle multiple file formats such as PDF, Markdown, HTML, and images. ChatDOC can query multiple files simultaneously by creating custom file collections. ChatDOC can interpret tables and text by selecting them and asking targeted questions. ChatDOC has a free plan that allows you to try out its features with some limitations.


ChatDOC may not always provide accurate or complete answers, especially for complex or ambiguous questions. ChatDOC has some limits on file size, number of questions, and number of files per collection, depending on your plan. ChatDOC does not support all languages, you must manually select the language for the questions. ChatDOC may not work properly on some browsers or devices, such as Safari or mobile phones. ChatDOC may suspend your account if you abuse its service or sign up with a temporary email.