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Colossyan is a platform that uses artificial intelligence to create videos from text. You can choose different AI avatars to serve as presenters for your video content. You can also upload PDF or PowerPoint slides and convert them to videos with just one click.

Video Generator

Starting at $21 per month

What is Colossyan?

Colossyan can assist you create partaking {and professional} movies for quite a lot of functions akin to studying, coaching, advertising, or communication. Colossyan additionally lets you translate movies into greater than 70 languages and alter the accent and clothes of your AI avatar. Colossyan is trusted by many firms and organizations trying to save time, cash and sources on video manufacturing.


It can save time, money and effort in video creation It can increase engagement, traffic and sales through video content It can improve learners’ experience and satisfaction with AI-powered videos It can reach different audiences through localization features It can start from AI templates or custom scripts to start actors


It is still in beta and may have bugs or errors It may not have the same quality or authenticity as a human actor It may not support complex animations or transitions for videos[? ] It may have limited options for editing or customizing videos[? ] AI-generated content may face legal or ethical issues[?]