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Contenda is a new service that helps developer advocates create written content from their videos. Whether it’s a conference talk, interview or presentation, Contenda can turn it into a blog post, tutorial, Twitter post or highlight reel. Contenda uses artificial intelligence to analyze videos and generate content that matches the accuracy and tone of the…

What is Contenda?

Contenda is a good way to save lots of time and repurpose current content material for various platforms and audiences. You should utilize Contenda to share your insights, suggestions, and tales with extra folks and broaden your on-line presence. Contenda can also be appropriate with common instruments like Subsequent.js, Netlify, and Hasura. You'll be able to see Contenda in motion on this demo video, the place it converts a video about constructing a choose-your-own-adventure e book with Subsequent.js into varied codecs. If you happen to're enthusiastic about attempting Contenda, you possibly can join early entry on their web site. Contenda is coming quickly to Autocode, a platform that permits you to construct apps utilizing code snippets. Contenda is a content material catalyst for developer advocates. Do not miss this chance to extend your productiveness and creativity with Contenda.


It automatically converts video content into written content for different platforms, saving time and effort. It creates accurate and engaging content that matches the tone and style of the original video. It helps developer advocates reach a wider audience and increase their visibility and influence. It harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to generate high-quality content without requiring any guidance or input from the user. It can be integrated with various tools and services such as Autocode, Netlify, Hasura, etc.


It is still in early access and may have some bugs or limitations in its functionality and performance. It may not handle complex or delicate topics that require human expertise or judgment. It may not be able to capture the personality or emotion of the person speaking in the video as well as a human writer. It may not be adaptable to different environments or audiences that have different expectations or preferences for content. Once pricing plans and monetization models are launched, it may not be affordable or accessible to everyone.