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ContentFries is a software that helps you convert long videos into dozens of pieces of content for social media and other platforms. It’s a content multiplier that allows you to quickly and strategically repurpose your videos. You can use ContentFries to create bite-sized content from podcasts, live streams, webinars, interviews, and more.

video editing

Paid plans start at $9/month

What is Contentfries?

ContentFries has many options that make it simple and quick to generate partaking content material. You'll be able to drag and drop to snip content material out of your video, convert video to audio (and vice versa), add subtitles and captions, take away silence and filler phrases, edit spelling errors, select from lovely templates, and extra. ContentFries may enable you align your content material with the platform of your alternative. ContentFries is a recreation changer for anybody who needs to draw extra tremendous followers on social media with eye-catching movies. You do not want a big manufacturing workers, costly software program, or intensive labor to create content material with ContentFries. You can begin your free trial at this time and see for your self how ContentFries will help you develop your content material and develop your viewers.


It can convert long videos or audios into dozens of small content snippets for social media platforms. It generates accurate transcriptions and subtitles in over 60 languages in minutes. It can remove silent "uhs and ohs" and fix spelling errors in the source content. It can apply beautiful templates and add progress bars, titles, captions, and backgrounds to content snippets. It offers a 7-day free trial, no credit card required.


Subscription fees are required after the free trial, and pricing plans may vary based on features and usage. It may not support all types of video or audio formats or platforms. It may have some restrictions on the length, size or number of source content or content fragments. It may not handle complex editing or customization needs that require more advanced software or skills. It may not guarantee the quality, originality or effectiveness of content segments targeted at different audiences or purposes.