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Crystal Knows is a platform that helps you better connect with others based on their personality. It uses different personality models, such as DISC, Enneagram and 16-type personality, to analyze and predict how people behave and what their preferences are.

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What is Crystal?

You should utilize Crystal Is aware of to get personalised ideas for writing emails, making cellphone calls, and assembly several types of folks. You can even study extra about your self and your colleagues by taking free persona checks and accessing a wide range of experiences. Crystal Is aware of is designed that will help you construct empathy and rapport with anybody you work together with.


Crystal can give you customized suggestions for emails, calls, and meetings to help you better communicate with different personality types. Crystal can also help you improve internal communication with your team and become a more empathetic leader. Crystal offers free personality tests based on the 16 personality model that can help you learn more about yourself and others.


Crystal requires you to log in with your work email, which may be inconvenient or unsafe for some users. Crystal may not be accurate or reliable in predicting a prospect's personality because it relies on limited data and assumptions.