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SlashDreamer is a web application that allows you to generate AI images in Notion using stable diffusion. In this blog post, I'll explain what SlashDreamer is, how it works, and why you might want to use it.

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Paid plans start at $0.99/month

What is Dreamer?

What's SlashDreamer? SlashDreamer is an internet software that integrates Notion and Secure Diffusion. Notion is a well-liked device for managing tasks, duties, notes, and extra. Secure Diffusion is a state-of-the-art AI mannequin that generates lifelike photographs primarily based on textual prompts. By combining these two instruments, SlashDreamer lets you create and insert AI photographs into your Notion pages utilizing a easy command: /dream. How does SlashDreamer work? SlashDreamer works by including a brand new command to Notion: /dream. Once you kind /dream adopted by a textual content immediate and a dot, SlashDreamer will learn your immediate and generate a picture primarily based on it. The picture will then be inserted beneath your tip, changing it. For instance, when you kind /dream a blue sky with clouds. in lifelike type, SlashDreamer will generate a picture of a blue sky with white clouds and insert it into your Notion web page. Why use SlashDreamer? SlashDreamer can be utilized for a lot of functions, equivalent to: - Add visible parts to notes, paperwork or shows - Improve your creativity and inspiration - Discover totally different concepts and ideas - Have enjoyable and experiment with AI SlashDreamer provides A frictionless technique to generate photographs in Notion with out switching between totally different apps or web sites. You may as well select totally different plans primarily based in your wants and preferences. The best way to begin utilizing SlashDreamer? To begin utilizing SlashDreamer that you must: - Register at - Select a plan and pay - Hyperlink your Notion account with SlashDreamer - Begin dreaming! You may as well try the FAQ part on the web site for extra data and tips about the best way to write a great immediate. Conclusion SlashDreamer is an internet software that mixes Notion and Secure Diffusion that will help you generate AI photographs in Notion. It is a easy and handy manner so as to add visible parts to your Notion pages, improve your creativity, discover totally different concepts, and have enjoyable with AI. In case you are concerned with making an attempt SlashDreamer, you may register on the web site and begin dreaming instantly!


It allows you to generate AI images in Notion with a simple command /dream. It uses stable diffusion, a state-of-the-art image generation model that can generate realistic and diverse images. It offers a 7-day trial and three plans for you to choose according to your needs.


It is not free and requires a monthly subscription to use. It requires write access to your Notion page to insert images. It may not always produce images that match your prompts or expectations.