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If you're looking for a way to leverage AI to automate your Google Sheets workflow, you might want to check out Flowshot. Flowshot is an AI-powered Google Sheets add-on that lets you use AI anywhere in your spreadsheets. In this blog post, we'll explain what Flowshot is, how it works, and what you can do…


Paid plans start at $9/month.

What is Flowshot?

What's site visitors taking pictures? Flowshot is an AI toolkit built-in with Google Sheets, enabling you to make use of cutting-edge AI fashions resembling ChatGPT, GPT-3, GPT-4, and Steady Diffusion. You need to use Flowshot to: - Generate product descriptions, advert copy, website positioning metadata and different textual content material - Translate textual content into a number of languages - Summarize feedback or suggestions - Classify, label or classify knowledge - Clear cluttered knowledge - Coaching Customized AI Mannequin Your Spreadsheet Information - Generate Google Sheets by explaining it in easy language Formulation - Create AI-generated pictures by describing them in phrases How does Flowshot work? Flowshot runs totally from the sidebar of Google Sheets, so that you needn't register, arrange, or use any API keys. You need to use Flowshot in two methods: - AI Ideas: Use the AI Ideas within the sidebar or use the =AI() operate to generate textual content based mostly on a predefined job. For instance, you should use the Translate immediate to translate textual content from one language to a different, or use the Generate Product Description immediate to create partaking descriptions to your merchandise. - AutoComplete: Train AI to create, convert, or extract textual content by exhibiting you a number of examples and letting it autocomplete the remaining. For instance, you possibly can present an AI rewrite advert copy into a number of variations, or extract gross sales prospect emails from cluttered knowledge. You too can reference different cells in your spreadsheet to create dynamic prompts or autocomplete examples. For instance, you should use =AI("Translate", A1, "into", B1) to translate the textual content in cell A1 into the language laid out in cell B1. What are you able to do with Flowshot? Flowshot helps you automate numerous duties in your Google Sheets workflow, resembling: - Content material creation: You need to use Flowshot to generate high-quality textual content content material to your web site, weblog, social media, or advertising campaigns. You too can use Flowshot to create AI-generated pictures by describing what you think about. - Information evaluation: You need to use Flowshot to summarize, analyze or visualize your knowledge. You too can use Flowshot to generate Google Sheets formulation and clarify them in plain language. - Information cleansing: You need to use Flowshot to scrub messy knowledge, resembling deleting duplicates, fixing spelling errors, formatting dates or numbers, and so on. - Information enrichment: You need to use Flowshot to complement your knowledge with further data, resembling including classes, tags, sentiments, key phrases, and so on. - Information conversion: You need to use Flowshot to transform knowledge into totally different codecs or kinds, resembling textual content to speech, speech to textual content, textual content to picture, picture to textual content, and so on. - Customized AI mannequin: You You need to use Flowshot to coach customized AI fashions on spreadsheet knowledge, after which use them with Autocomplete to automate batches of repetitive work. Customized AI fashions carry out considerably higher and quicker (and cheaper!) at coaching duties than general-purpose fashions like GPT-4. How do I get began utilizing Flowshot? To start out utilizing Flowshot, it's good to set up the plugin from the Google Workspace Market. As soon as put in, you will notice a brand new menu merchandise referred to as "Flowshot" within the Google Sheets toolbar. Click on on it and choose "Open Sidebar" to launch the Flowshot sidebar. From there, you possibly can discover the totally different AI prompts and autocomplete options Flowshot provides. You too can watch some tutorial movies or learn some documentation on use Flowshot successfully. In the event you want any assist or have any suggestions, you possibly can contact the Flowshot crew by way of reside chat or e-mail Flowshot is a robust and easy-to-use software that helps you automate your Google Sheets workflows with AI. Whether or not you wish to create content material, analyze knowledge, clear knowledge, enrich knowledge, remodel knowledge or prepare customized AI fashions - Flowshot has you coated. Give it a strive at the moment and see what you are able to do with AI in Google Sheets!


It enables anyone to use AI through Google Workspace, starting with Google Sheets. It allows users to create custom AI models on spreadsheet data, increasing productivity with just a few clicks. It supports a range of powerful, easy-to-use AI models such as ChatGPT, GPT-3, GPT-4, and Stable Diffusion.


It may take some trial and error to get the results you want from an AI model. It may not be suitable for complex or sensitive data that requires human oversight or verification. Since it is a relatively new product launched in 2021, there may be some limitations or bugs.