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Have you ever wished you had a smart assistant that could help you with various tasks on the web, such as summarizing articles, rewriting sentences, generating headlines, or even arguing with other users? If so, you might want to take a look at Webpilot, a free and open source web pilot.


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What is Fluentify?

Webpilot is a Chrome extension that permits you to have free-form conversations with internet pages or have interaction in automated arguments with different customers. Not like ChatGPT, there is not any want to speak or change pages, or preserve copy-pasting forwards and backwards. You simply choose the textual content and every part else is finished routinely. Webpilot is predicated on GPT-3.5-turbo, which binds some frequent prompts with shortcut instructions, requests APIs and shows the outcomes to function chosen textual content on the internet web page. For instance, you need to use instructions like "Summarize this web page," "Rewrite this sentence," "Generate a caption for this picture," or "Argue with this consumer" to get prompt outcomes. Webpilot is at the moment in pre-release and will likely be formally launched inside the subsequent month. It'll proceed to iterate (and stay open supply and free). You possibly can be taught extra about Webpilot on its official web site: or on its GitHub repository: Webpilot is designed to be a easy, free, and easy-to-use productiveness device that enables anybody to make use of AI for quite a lot of functions on the internet. The builders welcome any suggestions or recommendations to assist them enhance it. You possibly can contact them through electronic mail or WeChat (see their web site for particulars). For those who're serious about attempting Webpilot, you possibly can add it to your Chrome browser from the Chrome Net Retailer: We hope you get pleasure from utilizing Webpilot and discover it helpful in your internet looking expertise.


Webpilot is a free, open source extension that allows you to have free-form conversations with web pages or engage in automated arguments with other users. Webpilot is based on gpt-3.5-turbo, binds some common prompts with shortcut commands, requests the API and displays the results to operate the selected text on the web page. Webpilot is easy to use. You just select the text and confirm your instructions, such as summarizing, rewriting, or arguing. Everything else is done automatically.


Webpilot is still in a pre-release version and may have some bugs or bugs. Webpilot may not always generate accurate or relevant responses, depending on the quality of the API and the selected text. Webpilot may not respect the privacy or intellectual property rights of the web pages or users it interacts with.