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Genmo AI

Genmo is a platform that allows you to create videos from text using AI. You can use Genmo to generate fantastical videos that go beyond 2D, such as animations and realistic scenes.

What is Genmo AI?

Genmo is powered by a inventive common intelligence method the place people and generative fashions work collectively to supply extra inventive and helpful outcomes. Genmo has two merchandise: Genmo Chat and Genmo Alpha. Genmo Chat is a chatbot that helps you create and edit pictures and movies. Genmo Alpha is a text-to-video device that allows you to create the primary body of a video by coming into textual content after which makes use of AI to generate the remainder of the video.


It can create videos from text using artificial intelligence It can generate realistic animated scenes It can help with creative tasks and projects It's free to use now It has a Discord community for feedback and support


It is still in alpha stage and may contain bugs or bugs It may have limited customization and editing options It may not handle complex or long text well It may generate inappropriate or inaccurate content It may violate the copyright or privacy of others