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Alpaca is a Photoshop plug-in that allows you to generate photorealistic images using artificial intelligence models. You can use Alpaca to create, extend, or edit images based on text prompts or existing images. Alpaca combines human skills with artificial intelligence generation capabilities to produce high-quality graphics for a variety of uses.

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What is Getalpaca?

Image this: you may generate photos from scratch utilizing textual content prompts and templates. You possibly can select from totally different types comparable to comedian, pixel artwork or lifelike. You too can customise the scale and place of the ensuing picture on the canvas. - Fill: You possibly can prolong or restore an current picture with textual content hints or white house. You need to use this characteristic so as to add extra particulars, change the background, or take away undesirable objects from the picture. - Switch: You need to use Alpaca to switch the model of 1 picture to a different. You need to use this characteristic to create creative results, comparable to turning a photograph right into a portray or sketch. Alpaca is at the moment in closed beta, and you may join on their web site for early entry. Alpaca is designed to be straightforward to make use of and appropriate with Photoshop's instruments and workflow. Alpaca is a brand new technology of AI graphics instruments that may assist you to unleash your creativity and creativeness.


You can use the Imagine feature to create stunning images based on simple text prompts. You can choose different templates or create your own to customize the style of the output images. You can use the Fill function to extend or overwrite an existing image. You can also describe what you want to see in the undrawn parts to guide the generation process. You can use the repair function to change the details of an image or delete/replace existing objects. You can use the Erase tool to indicate where you want to draw or fill empty areas in a new object. You can use the transfer function to transfer the style of one image to another. You can create artistic effects or mix different images together.


The generation process may take some time, depending on the size and complexity of the image. The videos on the website have been sped up to keep them short, they do not reflect the actual time it takes to generate the image. The output image may not always match your expectations or preferences. You may need to generate multiple images or adjust the text prompt to get the desired result. The plugin requires an internet connection and a subscription to use. You cannot use it offline or without paying a monthly fee. The plugin is still in beta and may have some bugs or limitations. It may not work with all versions of Photoshop or all types of images.