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Manifest AI

If you're looking for a way to increase e-commerce sales, improve customer experience, and harness the power of artificial intelligence, you should check out Manifest AI. Manifest AI is a GPT-based shopping assistant that integrates with your Shopify store and helps your customers find products that fit their needs.

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What is Manifest AI?

Manifest AI makes use of pure language processing and deep studying to grasp your prospects’ queries, preferences, and behaviors. It could actually showcase your common merchandise, assist them uncover new ones, present extra particulars about particular merchandise, and even evaluate a number of merchandise. It additionally generates partaking prompts to interact prospects all through the shopping for course of and cut back churn. Manifest AI is straightforward to arrange and customise. You possibly can add it to your Shopify retailer in minutes and begin seeing outcomes instantly. You may also customise it to match your model voice, model, and tone. You possibly can monitor its efficiency and acquire insights into your prospects’ habits and suggestions. Manifest AI is greater than only a chatbot. It’s an clever and pleasant purchasing assistant that may make your e-commerce retailer stand out from the competitors. It could actually make it easier to improve conversions, loyalty, and retention by offering customized and related suggestions to your prospects.


It offers an AI-powered shopping assistant that can recommend products, respond to queries, and keep customers interested in your website, thereby increasing your sales and conversions. It can prevent churn by showing customers enticing prompts when they are about to exit your website, and simplify and speed up the purchasing process. It uses GPT technology to create natural and engaging prompts that are customized based on customers' browsing behavior and preferences. It works well with Shopify and other e-commerce platforms, and you can have it up and running in minutes. It offers free trials and free access offers to launch attendees.


This is a fairly new product and may not have many reviews or recommendations from other users yet. It may only support English, or it may have limited support for other languages. It may not answer complex or technical questions that require text-based answers, such as images or videos. It may not work with some browsers or devices, or there may be some bugs or glitches that need to be fixed. It may not be able to handle large volumes of traffic or requests, or it may have some limitations on the number of products or categories it can handle.