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Mindgrasp is a website that provides an artificial intelligence learning assistant that helps you with various tasks such as reading, watching, learning, and understanding different types of content.


Paid plans start at $6.99/month.

What is Mindgrasp?

You'll be able to add paperwork, PDFs, movies, podcasts, and extra to Mindgrasp and it'll create correct notes and reply questions for you. You can even ask Mindgrasp for critiques, strategies, quizzes, essay suggestions, and explanations. Mindgrasp is designed that can assist you study smarter and sooner with out losing time on boring or tough materials.


It helps students improve their writing skills and grades. It provides instant feedback and suggestions for improvement. It can detect plagiarism and help avoid academic dishonesty. It can generate abstracts, outlines and citations for any topic. It can support multiple languages and formats.


It may not capture the nuances and subtleties of human language. It may not handle complex or ambiguous topics or issues. It may not replace the guidance and feedback of a human teacher or mentor. It may not be affordable or available for some students or schools. It may raise some ethical or privacy issues regarding the use of data and algorithms.