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Mubert Render

Mubert is an innovative AI-powered royalty-free music inventory. Mubert is suitable for all types of content creators, allowing music to be generated based on genre/mood, text cues and even reference images.


application programming interface

What is Mubert Render?

Mubert is an organization with a world mission to empower creators. With a singular collaboration platform that pairs musicians with synthetic intelligence, we're redefining how music is created, skilled and licensed. From streamers to filmmakers to app builders, we’re making it simpler than ever for content material creators of all types to license customized, high-quality, royalty-free music. With Mubert you may generate music in several methods - simply choose a style or temper, or by getting into a textual content immediate or importing a reference picture.


150+ genres, activities and moods Prompt-based generation Image-based generation Adobe plug-in lasts up to 25 minutes 4 generation types: track, loop, jingle, mix "Generate similar" feature "Search by reference" feature (in the early days Beta) “Artist” Section – 80% of proceeds go directly to the artist


Free Ambassador program has a monthly limit of 25 generations No option to purchase additional credits for each generation Extended generation times when working with long (15+ minute) track lists