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OpenRead Academy is a platform that offers online courses on various topics such as web development, data science, digital marketing, and more.

What is OpenRead?

These programs are designed to assist learners acquire sensible abilities and information that may be utilized to a profession or private mission. OpenRead Academy additionally supplies a certificates of completion for every course that may be verified on-line and shared on social media or on a resume. OpenRead Academy goals to make studying straightforward, inexpensive and gratifying for everybody who needs to enhance their abilities and information.


It provides **AI-driven interactive papers** that enhance the reading experience and provide more insights. It aims to promote **Open Access** and **Open Minds** in the research community by removing paywalls and promoting collaboration. It provides a **Library**, **Personalized Reading Plans**, and **Interactive Exercises** to help users improve their reading skills.


It's still in the **coming soon** stage, so there may not be a lot of content or features available yet. It may require a **high-speed internet connection** and a **compatible device** to access interactive papers and exercises. It may not cover all topics or disciplines of interest to users, or it may be **biased** against certain areas or viewpoints.