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If you're interested in using artificial intelligence to create art, you might want to check out, a platform that offers a variety of AI models for generating media. allows you to create custom, royalty-free audio, images, 3D objects, and quickly achieve fully immersive and dynamic 3D environments. You can simply explain your vision…

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Open source Discord community requires no registration

What is Pollinations? isn't solely a device for creating AI artwork, but in addition a collaborative ecosystem the place you'll be able to focus on, get assist, and contribute with different customers. You'll be able to be part of their Discord server or add their bot to your social media platforms to work together with the group and share your creations. You too can request commissioned works for music movies, immersive installations, interactive experiences, and extra from their crew of information scientists, machine studying consultants, artists, and futurists. is predicated on open supply synthetic intelligence fashions which might be constantly up to date by a thriving group of builders and researchers. They're additionally engaged on creating know-how that allows folks to generate 3D objects and avatars from simply textual content prompts, which could possibly be a game-changer for digital worlds. needs to diversify creativity and unfold it by means of the digital ecosystem. Whether or not you are an artist, designer, gamer or simply inquisitive about synthetic intelligence, you'll be able to discover the chances of artificial media with


It allows people to create original and customized media with the help of artificial intelligence models. It provides various applications such as Busy Bee, Pollinations Studio and Pollinations API. This is a collaborative and active AI art ecosystem where people can discuss, get help, and contribute on Discord. It is developing technology to generate 3D objects and avatars with textual cues in virtual worlds. It uses open source artificial intelligence models and is continuously updated by a thriving community.


It may raise ethical and legal questions about the ownership and use of synthetic media. It may have limitations in the quality, diversity, and authenticity of the media generated. Running AI models may require significant computing resources and internet bandwidth. It may not be accessible or affordable for everyone who wants to use it. The creation and use of AI-generated media may have unintended social and cultural impacts.