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Predict AI

What is a neuron and how does it work? Neurons is a company that uses neuroscience and artificial intelligence to help businesses improve marketing and design. Neurons has a platform that predicts customer responses to different types of creative (e.g. ads, websites, packaging, etc.).

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What is Predict AI?

Neuron makes use of information from eye monitoring and mind scans to know what attracts consideration, what triggers feelings, and what motivates habits. Neurons has collected information from greater than 120,000 individuals all over the world and educated greater than 100 machine studying fashions based mostly on this information. Neurons assist companies create high-performing inventive that will increase conversions, engagement, and gross sales. Neuron can even assist companies evaluate their concepts to trade requirements and determine efficiency gaps. Neurons works with most of the world's largest manufacturers and has over 20 years of expertise in utilized neuroscience.


They have strong scientific background and expertise in applied neuroscience, behavioral science, and machine learning. They offer different products to meet different needs: forecasting, exploration and research. Predict uses artificial intelligence to evaluate the performance of images and videos before publishing them. Explore uses online tests to measure customers' emotional and motivational responses to ads. Research uses eye tracking and electroencephalography to collect data from laboratory studies or real-life situations. They work with some of the world's biggest brands and receive awards for their growth and innovation. They have global reach and can conduct research in any market or region. They have a values program that focuses on ethics, responsible business, and scientific validity and integrity.


Their services may be expensive or inaccessible to small businesses or startups with limited budgets or resources. Their methods and indicators may not capture all aspects of human behavior or decision-making that are influenced by social, cultural, or contextual factors. Their data may raise privacy or ethical issues for customers, as they may not know how their responses are collected or used. Their solutions may not be compatible or integrated with other tools or platforms that businesses use to manage marketing or customer relationships. Their products may require technical skills or training to be used effectively or interpreted correctly.