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Quickie is a collaborative AI all-in-one tool that helps you and your team get more done faster with contextual AI applets at your fingertips. You can use Quickie to research and generate content with the click of a button without leaving your browser.


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What is Quickie?

Free tip: You'll be able to ask Quickie for something you need, reminiscent of "Consumer ache factors that micro flamethrowers clear up." Quickie will use its pure language understanding and era capabilities to offer you related and inventive solutions. - Browser extension: You'll be able to obtain the Quickie browser extension for Chrome, Courageous, or Opera to entry unique options that give Quickie entry to contextual knowledge reminiscent of highlighted textual content. For instance, you may spotlight a phrase or phrase on any net web page and ask Quickie to outline it, clarify it, or discover its synonyms. - Quickies: Quickies are quick, actionable instruments that show you how to get essentially the most out of AI. You will discover them within the menu on the left facet of the Quickie web site. Some examples of Quickies embrace: producing catchy slogans, discovering related key phrases, summarizing articles, writing tweets, and extra. You can too create and save customized Quickies which you can run at any time. - Classes: Classes save every little thing you generate with Quickie for later recall. You can too share periods along with your staff or pals to make use of Quickie collaboratively. For instance, you would brainstorm mission concepts, write a weblog publish, or create a video script collectively. Quickie is a robust and versatile software that may show you how to full a wide range of duties and tasks. Whether or not you want inspiration, assist or suggestions, Quickie is able to assist. You'll be able to strive Quickie free of charge by visiting (index 1).


It is a collaborative AI multifunctional tool that can help you with various tasks such as generating ideas, writing tweets, summarizing texts, and more. It has a free prompts feature that lets you ask Quickie whatever you want and get an AI response. It has a browser extension that allows Quickie to access contextual data such as highlighted text and more. It features Quick Tools, which are fast and actionable tools that help you get the most out of artificial intelligence, and you can create and save your own custom Quick Tools. It has sessions that save everything you generate for later recall, and you can share sessions with your team or friends to use Quickie collaboratively.


It is not known how reliable or accurate the AI responses are, and they may not always meet your expectations or needs. It may not function properly on some websites or platforms, and may have compatibility issues with some browsers or devices. It may pose some privacy or security risks as it may collect or store your data or expose it to third parties. It may have some bugs or bugs as it is still under development and may not have been fully tested or optimized yet. It may have limits or restrictions, such as the number of requests you can make, the length of responses you can get, or the features you can access.