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Relevance AI

Relevance AI is a platform that allows developers to build and deploy AI chains using large language models (LLMs) such as GPT

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What is Relevance AI?

AI chains are workflows that mix a number of steps of the LLM with different transformations akin to doc retrieval, vector searches, and API requests to create customized options and performance. Relevance AI can simply combine LLMs from totally different suppliers akin to OpenAI, Cohere and Anthropic and customise them utilizing prompts and templates. Relevance AI additionally offers safe and scalable cloud providers to deal with infrastructure administration, internet hosting and scaling of AI chains. Relevance AI can be utilized in a wide range of use instances akin to market analysis, information bases, voice chat, and extra.


Relevance AI helps users gain the power of an LLM without coding or file restrictions Relevance AI helps users create tailored AI experiences by linking prompts and transitions Relevance AI helps users scale their AI easily and securely project


Relevance AI may not support all LLM providers that users want to use. Relevance AI may not have all the pre-built workflows or templates required for user use cases. There may be some limitations or bugs with Relevance AI's chain notebooks, forms, or API integrations.