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If you're looking for a way to create realistic and customizable voiceovers for your projects, you might want to check out Resemble AI. Resemble AI is a platform that allows you to generate high-quality artificial intelligence speech from your own voice or a library of pre-trained voices. You can also easily add emotion, accent, language,…

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Paid plans start from $0.006/sec

What is Resemble?

Resemble AI makes use of deep studying to investigate and clone sounds from any audio supply. You solely want 5 minutes of audio information to start out constructing your individual sounds. You'll be able to then use Resemble's API or integration to dynamically get hold of, create, and edit voice clips. Resemble AI additionally offers instruments for speech-to-speech conversion, speech localization, and speech mixing. Resemble AI is trusted by hundreds of customers who create greater than 2 million minutes of audio with AI sounds each month. Whether or not you want voiceovers for podcasts, video games, movies, or e-learning, Resemble AI may also help you create partaking and natural-sounding content material in your individual voice. To be taught extra about Resemble AI and the way it works, please go to their web site:


It creates realistic and customizable artificial intelligence voices from any speech source in seconds. It can add emotion, language and speech-to-speech conversion to speech without requiring any new data. It can be integrated with various tools and platforms such as Unity, Alexa and GPT-3 for a seamless experience.


It could raise ethical and legal concerns about voice cloning, deepfake detection and otolaryngology. It can require large amounts of data and processing power to produce high-quality and diverse sounds.