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Riku.AI is a platform that allows you to build your own AI models without coding. You can use AI to create content, expand your brand, accelerate your growth, and more. Riku.AI is powered by the best artificial intelligence technologies such as GPT-J, which generates unlimited relevant content for your business.


Paid plans start at $29/month

What is

You can too combine Riku.AI with different instruments and providers by way of API or public shared hyperlinks. Riku.AI is obtainable and inexpensive for everybody, whether or not you're a content material creator, marketer, salesperson, or educator. You should utilize a visible drag-and-drop interface to design, construct, and automate your AI creations. You can too use no-code choices to fine-tune your AI fashions. Riku.AI provides completely different pricing plans to fit your wants and price range. You can begin with a 5-day free trial and see how Riku.AI may also help you obtain your objectives.


Allows you to build AI models without coding Supports unlimited GPT-J generation and fine-tuning Provides public sharing links and API integrations for your AI creations Offers a 5-day free trial and affordable pricing plans enables you to reverse engineer other AI tools project


No support for other AI technologies except GPT-J and Image Limited sub-accounts and additional users for team collaboration May require some technical knowledge to effectively use the API Its plans do not have a refund policy May not have adequate documentation and for beginners support