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Scribble Diffusion

Scribble Diffusion: A new way to turn sketches into images Have you ever wished you could turn sketches into realistic images with just a few mouse clicks? If so, you might want to check out Scribble Diffusion, a new web-based tool that uses artificial intelligence to transform rough drawings into beautiful pictures.

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What is Scribble Diffusion?

Scribble Diffusion is a free, open supply undertaking created by Zeke Sikelianos, an online developer and artist who needed to make a device to assist him and different creatives generate photographs from their sketches. He used an AI mannequin known as VQGAN+CLIP, which mixes two applied sciences: vector quantized generative adversarial community (VQGAN) and contrastive language picture pre-training (CLIP). VQGAN is a generative mannequin that may generate high-quality photographs from low-dimensional latent codes. CLIP is a technique that may be taught to affiliate pure language descriptions with photographs. By combining these two applied sciences, Scribble Diffusion can take sketches and textual content prompts as enter and generate photographs that match each. To make use of Scribble Diffusion, you merely go to and sketch on the canvas. You may as well add textual content prompts to specify the kind of picture to create. For instance, you could possibly write "picture of a cat" or "classic automotive" or "foolish owl." Then you definitely simply click on the "Generate" button and anticipate the magic to occur. Scribble Diffusion will present you many photographs based mostly in your sketches and prompts. You'll be able to select the one you want finest or strive once more with totally different inputs. You may as well obtain photographs or share them on social media. Scribble Diffusion is a enjoyable and straightforward technique to unleash your creativity and discover the probabilities of AI-generated artwork. In case you are excited by studying extra about Scribble Diffusion, you'll be able to go to its GitHub web page:, the place yow will discover supply code, documentation, and examples. You may as well observe Zeke on Twitter: the place he posts updates and reveals off among the gorgeous photographs created by Scribble Diffusion customers. Scribble Diffusion is an progressive and thrilling device that demonstrates the facility and potential of synthetic intelligence for creative expression. Whether or not you are knowledgeable artist or an novice, you should use Scribble Diffusion to remodel sketches into photographs and uncover new methods to specific your imaginative and prescient.


It is a free and open source tool that anyone can use and modify. It uses artificial intelligence to generate realistic and creative images from sketches and text prompts. It saves time and effort for artists and designers who want to quickly visualize ideas. It can inspire new possibilities and styles of artistic expression and communication. It can be fun to try different sketches and prompts.


It may not always produce accurate or satisfactory results, depending on the quality of the sketches and prompts. It may not respect the intellectual property or privacy of the original creators of the images it generates. It may generate inappropriate or harmful images if the sketches or prompts are malicious or offensive. It may degrade the originality or authenticity of the artwork it used as a source or reference. It may raise ethical or legal challenges regarding ownership and responsibility for the generated images.