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Sonify is a company that develops products and solutions that use sound to communicate data and information. Sonify believes that sound can help people better understand data, especially when they are busy or visually impaired.

What is Sonify?

Sonify combines information sonification, sound design, interplay design, spatial audio, VR/AR, synthetic intelligence and voice to create audio-first experiences. A few of their initiatives embrace TwoTone, an internet app that permits anybody to show information into music with out coding; Sound of Information, a mission that turns scientific information into music; Information-Pushed Storytelling (Information- Pushed Storytelling, a program that teaches journalists learn how to inform tales with information utilizing sonification know-how. Sonify was based in New York in 2019 and is at the moment headquartered in Vermont. You'll be able to study extra about Sonify on its web site:


Sonify provides a unique and innovative way to explore and communicate data through sound. Sonify helps users who are blind or visually impaired, or who don't like looking at screens, access and understand data. Sonify allows users to create musical compositions based on data without coding skills, enhancing creativity and engagement. Sonify leverages emerging technologies such as VR/AR and voice to provide immersive and interactive experiences. Sonify democratizes the media production process, giving more people access to simple, inclusive, affordable and transformative tools.


Sonify may not be suitable for users who are deaf or hard of hearing, or who prefer a visual representation of their data. Sonify may not be able to accurately or efficiently communicate complex or high-dimensional data through sound alone. Sonify may require users to learn new skills or methods for interpreting and analyzing data sonification output. Sonify may face technical challenges or limitations with some of the emerging technologies it uses or develops. When processing sensitive or personal data, Sonify may encounter ethical or legal issues regarding data privacy, ownership, or use.