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Summate is a web tool that allows you to quickly summarize any web article using OpenAI. It is an experimental project of, which provides various tools for Web content extraction and analysis. In this blog post, I will explain how works as well as its advantages and limitations.


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What is Summate? is extremely easy to make use of. All it is advisable do is enter the URL of any net article you wish to summarize and click on the "Abstract" button. Alternatively, you may add "" earlier than the URL of any net article in your browser's tackle bar and press Enter. For instance, when you needed to summarize this Guardian article, you might sort " few Ten years" and press Enter. in conclusion. It would then use Full-Textual content RSS, one other device from, to extract the total textual content of the article from the online web page. Full-text RSS is a service that converts net pages into clear and readable RSS feeds. It removes all litter and advertisements from net pages and returns solely the principle content material. After extracting the total textual content of the article, carry out Summate. OpenAI, a robust synthetic intelligence platform, can be used to generate article summaries. OpenAI is a analysis group that creates and promotes pleasant synthetic intelligence that advantages humanity. It supplies varied APIs for pure language processing, pc imaginative and prescient and different fields. OpenAI makes use of a deep neural community mannequin known as GPT-3 to generate pure language textual content from a given enter. GPT-3 is among the world's most superior language fashions, able to producing coherent and numerous textual content on virtually any matter. in conclusion. It makes use of the OpenAI API to entry GPT-3 and request a abstract of the extracted article textual content. The abstract generated by OpenAI is then displayed on Summate. It's a web site, together with the unique article title, URL, and supply. It's also possible to view some examples of summaries generated by Summate. It has completely different net articles on its residence web page.


You can quickly and easily get a summary of any article by prefixing it with "". It uses OpenAI's powerful natural language processing technology to generate rich and concise summaries. It offers different summary formats based on user preferences, such as tweet length or bullet points.


It may not be able to summarize large texts or articles with complex structures because the OpenAI API has limitations on input size. It may not work for articles with hard paywalls or sites that require authentication or cookies. It may not capture all the nuances or details of the original article, as summarizing is an inherently lossy process.