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TLDR this

TLDR This is an online tool that helps you summarize any piece of text into something concise and easy to understand.


Paid plans start at $4/month

What is TLDR this?

It makes use of state-of-the-art synthetic intelligence to research and extract probably the most related factors in textual content whereas filtering out pointless or distracting info. TLDR helps you save time and keep away from info overload by supplying you with a fast overview of any article, doc, internet web page, or paper. It's also possible to use TLDR This to rewrite any textual content in a unique voice and magnificence utilizing its paraphrase instrument. This may help you keep away from plagiarism and attain a unique viewers. TLDR It is a free and easy instrument that anybody can use, whether or not you're a pupil, author, instructor, journalist or only a curious reader. TLDR is designed that will help you concentrate on worth, not noise.


It helps you save time and avoid information overload by summarizing any text snippet with a click. It can extract relevant metadata, images, and keywords from articles and web pages for easy reference. It removes distractions and ads from online reading, giving you a clean, focused experience. It helps you avoid clickbait and filters out weak arguments and flashy phrases from your text. It helps you rewrite any text in a different voice and style using its paraphrasing tool.


It may not capture all the nuances and details of the original text, especially if it is complex or technical. It may not always produce an accurate or coherent summary, depending on the quality and length of the input text. It may not be able to handle certain languages or formats that its artificial intelligence engine does not support. It may not be able to summarize certain types of content, such as images, videos, or audio files. It may not guarantee the privacy or security of your data, especially when you use its web applications or browser extensions.