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Tooltips AI is a Chrome extension that uses artificial intelligence to help you read faster and understand better. It can explain highlighted words and answer follow-up questions in more than 100 languages. It also works with PDF files and supports code and foreign language interpretation.


Browser extension that requires no registration

What is Tooltips AI?

To make use of, you have to set up the extension from the Chrome Net Retailer. You may then spotlight any textual content on an online web page or PDF file and press "Command/Management + Shift + K" to see a tooltip with an outline. You can even enter your individual questions within the tooltip and get solutions from ChatGPT, a robust pure language processing mannequin. is a free, easy-to-use software that enhances your studying expertise and helps you be taught new issues. It's appropriate with many different web sites and extensions that use ChatGPT, resembling Summarize, Wiseone, ChatGPT Immediate Genius, and many others. You can even customise tooltip settings resembling font measurement, coloration, and place. If you wish to learn sooner utilizing ChatGPT, attempt right this moment!


It helps users read faster and understand better by simplifying complex or unfamiliar terminology. It can process web pages and PDFs online and offline. It can support multiple languages and translate text instantly.


Some features of using include: It may not always provide accurate or reliable explanations because ChatGPT is not a verified source of information. It may not work properly on some websites or formats that are incompatible with the extension.