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FT partners with OpenAI despite scrutiny over web scraping practices

The Financial Times and OpenAI have announced a strategic partnership and licensing agreement that will integrate the newspaper’s journalism into ChatGPT and collaborate on developing new AI products for FT readers. Despite this partnership, OpenAI continues to scrape information from the web without permission.

Through this agreement, ChatGPT users will have access to selected attributed summaries, quotes, and rich links to FT journalism in response to relevant queries. The FT also became a customer of ChatGPT Enterprise this year, providing employees with access to familiarize themselves with the technology and its potential productivity gains.

John Ridding, FT Group CEO, emphasized the importance of this agreement, recognizing the value of their award-winning journalism and gaining insights into how content is surfaced through AI.

In 2023, technology companies faced criticism for using copyrighted material without authorization to train AI models. OpenAI, in particular, faced backlash for training its models on data obtained from the internet without consent from content creators.

Despite these challenges, the FT remains committed to human journalism and believes this partnership will broaden the reach of its newsroom while deepening reader engagement.

The agreement between OpenAI and the Financial Times is part of a series of collaborations that OpenAI has established with major news publishers. These partnerships enable OpenAI to continue training its algorithms on web content with proper permissions.

Brad Lightcap, COO of OpenAI, expressed enthusiasm about the FT partnership, highlighting the benefits of AI in empowering news organizations and journalists while enhancing the ChatGPT experience for users worldwide.

As technology evolves, the FT values the opportunity to be part of the development loop and embrace new ways of discovering content. Ridding emphasized the importance of safeguarding content and brand integrity while navigating transformative technologies like AI.

The FT has a history of embracing new technologies and will continue to adapt and innovate in response to industry changes. Ridding emphasized the importance of representing quality journalism as new products take shape, with safeguards in place to protect content and brand integrity.

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