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IBM and Tech Mahindra collaborate to introduce reliable AI powered by WatsonX

Tech Mahindra, a global provider of technology consulting and digital solutions, partners with IBM to accelerate generative AI use globally sustainably.

This collaboration merges Tech Mahindra’s AI offerings, TechM amplifAI0-∞, and IBM’s watsonx AI and data platform with AI Assistants.

Customers can now leverage IBM watsonx capabilities with Tech Mahindra’s AI consulting and engineering skills to access new generative AI services, frameworks, and solution architectures. This facilitates the development of AI apps using trusted data to automate processes, create trustworthy AI models, promote explainability, manage risk and bias, and enable scalable AI adoption across hybrid cloud and on-premises environments.

Kunal Purohit, Tech Mahindra’s chief digital services officer, highlights organisations prioritizing responsible AI practices and integrating generative AI technologies to reinvigorate enterprises.

To enhance business capabilities in AI, Tech Mahindra has established a virtual watsonx Centre of Excellence (CoE) as a co-innovation center fostering unique offerings and solutions based on the combined capabilities of the two companies.

Kate Woolley, GM of IBM Ecosystem, underscores the potential of the collaboration, emphasizing generative AI as an innovation catalyst unlocking new market opportunities with a foundation of explainability, transparency, and trust.

This partnership aligns with Tech Mahindra’s commitment to transforming enterprises with advanced AI-led solutions, including recent additions like Vision amplifAIer, Ops amplifAIer, Email amplifAIer, Enterprise Knowledge Search offering, Evangelize Pair Programming, and Generative AI Studio.

The collaboration extends outside Tech Mahindra, with IBM watsonx utilized in partnerships accelerating generative AI deployment. This year, the GSMA and IBM announced a collaboration supporting generative AI capabilities in the telecom industry through AI Training and the GSMA Foundry Generative AI program using IBM watsonx.

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