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The AI market is forecasted to reach a market size of $184 billion by 2024

Exciting advancements in Artificial Intelligence are reshaping our future. AI technology is already deeply embedded in our daily activities, transforming how we work, relax, and engage.

Media fascination with tech breakthroughs dates back to the introduction of "Mabel The Robot Housemaid" in 1966, envisioning a future with household chore-performing robots. Although this vision did not materialize, AI has seamlessly integrated into our lives through personal assistants like Alexa, Siri, and Cortana.

While robots may not be tackling all household tasks, they assist with activities like managing lights, programming appliances, and regulating home systems. Experts predict that by 2033, robots will handle 40% of housework, reflecting a shift similar to 1966 projections, supported by research from Japan’s Ochanomizu and the UK’s University of Oxford.

Studies explore the future of automation in unpaid work, forecasting a 46% reduction in housework by the next decade. Grocery shopping automation is projected to reach 60% by 2033, while caregiving tasks are unlikely to be automated due to social and ethical concerns.

AI's role in daily life extends to various aspects, with the global AI market projected to reach US$ 826 billion by 2030. Notable areas where AI plays a crucial role include smartphone face recognition, online gaming platforms, social media algorithms, and spell check tools.

Digital voice assistants like Siri and Alexa have become indispensable companions, offering information and assistance across different contexts. Smart home technologies further demonstrate AI's impact by facilitating remote control of appliances and personalized suggestions for users.

While the dream of robot housekeepers remains elusive, AI's presence continues to evolve, shaping a more connected and efficient future.