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MonitUp AI Time Tracker

If you want to work better and faster, you might want to try MonitUp. MonitUp is a website that helps you track time and activity on your computer. It also uses artificial intelligence (AI) to give you tips on how to be more productive.


Starting from $9 per month

What is MonitUp AI Time Tracker?

MonitUp has many options that will help you work smarter. Listed here are a few of them: You'll be able to view the web sites and apps you employ and the way a lot time you spend on them. You may also mark them as environment friendly, inefficient, or impartial, relying on how they influence your work. For instance, you possibly can mark a phrase processor as environment friendly, a social media web site as inefficient, and a music participant as impartial. This fashion you possibly can see how a lot time you spend on several types of actions and the way they have an effect on your productiveness. You'll be able to mechanically take screenshots of your laptop display at completely different intervals. This may also help you perceive what you might be doing and the way you are able to do it higher. You'll be able to select the frequency and high quality of screenshots in response to your choice. You may also flip the screenshot characteristic on or off for every consumer. Sooner or later, screenshots can even be processed by AI for interpretation and recommendations. You'll be able to see when your laptop is turned on and off, and the way a lot time is spent on the lock display. This may also help you handle your working hours and breaks. You'll be able to see how lengthy it takes you to begin work within the morning, how usually you are taking breaks throughout the day, and while you end work within the night. You may also evaluate your opening hours and hours to different workers or customers. You may get AI suggestions primarily based in your information. MonitUp analyzes your exercise and gives you with customized suggestions on how you can enhance productiveness and efficiency. For instance, it'd counsel you're employed in your most vital duties throughout peak occasions, or keep away from distractions throughout focus occasions. It could additionally offer you suggestions in your efficiency primarily based on goal information. You may get stories in your productiveness and evaluate completely different time intervals. You'll be able to see how a lot time you spend on productive, unproductive, and impartial actions, and which hours are roughly productive for you. You may also find out how your productiveness modifications over time and what elements have an effect on it. If desired, you possibly can export or share your report with others. MonitUp is a good software for distant staff, freelancers, college students, or anybody who desires to work extra effectively. You'll be able to attempt it without spending a dime for 7 days and see the distinction for your self.


It uses artificial intelligence to provide personalized recommendations to improve productivity and performance It allows users to customize the apps they want to track and classify them as efficient, inefficient or neutral It offers time tracking with screenshots that can be scheduled Time and adjust quality It provides reporting and analysis of detailed computer usage, including open/close time, lock screen time, app and website duration, and productivity score It provides GDPR monitoring to ensure data privacy and compliance


It may not be compatible with all operating systems or devices It may not track offline activities or non-computer tasks It may require an Internet connection and storage space to collect and process data It may raise ethical or legal issues regarding employee monitoring and identification It may not Will be accurate or reliable in certain situations, such as when users switch frequently between apps or websites, or when AI suggestions are irrelevant or unhelpful