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Moon VR Home Skybox AI

Moon VR Home Skybox AI allows Oculus Quest users to generate, preview and one-click download to easily customize your Quest Home Skybox (v54+).

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What is Moon VR Home Skybox AI?

Moon VR Residence Skybox-AI is an AI skybox generator formally permitted by Blockade Labs. Use AI to generate free skybox pictures and simply flip them into your VR dwelling. Many mission customers have the necessity to customise sky containers. Clearly, the sky containers at present offered by the official customers can't meet the customization wants of those folks. Due to this fact, our product may also help customers generate their very own distinctive sky containers utilizing their favourite key phrases.


Free and seamless use of basic wavenumber functionality Generate better results using fine-tuned models of 360 images/skyboxes (provided by Blockade) Multiple preset styles available Real-time 360-degree preview of generated images in VR and save locally (new features to follow) You can browse, collect, save community user works, and copy prompt words


It is still in the early stages, and the functions are relatively basic. There are many new functions under development. In-VR interaction can be further optimized. The generation cost is high, and the number of user generations is limited.