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Prisms AI

Have you ever wanted to create your own artificial intelligence application but were intimidated by the complexity and technical skills required? If so, you might be interested in Prisms, a new no-code platform that lets you harness the power of AI without writing a line of code.


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What is Prisms AI?

Prisms: A no-code platform for constructing AI functions Prisms is constructed on massive language fashions comparable to GPT-3, DALL-E, and Secure Diffusion to generate pure language, pictures, and different varieties of content material from easy prompts . Prisms permits you to join information sources, consumer enter, and ready-made constructing blocks to create software logic. You need not fear about the way to write AI prompts as a result of Prisms makes that half simple too. You may deploy AI-powered functions straight from Prisms and its pre-built UI, or you may construct your individual front-end and use Prisms because the back-end in your AI logic. You too can use Prisms as a personal AI workspace, the place your information is owned by you and by no means leaves your personal server and isn't despatched to 3rd events. Prisms will launch in 2023, however you may be part of the waitlist now to be one of many first to attempt it. Whether or not you wish to create your individual AI magic or simply discover the chances of AI, Prisms is the platform for you.


Prisms is a no-code platform that allows anyone to build AI-powered applications without writing code or AI prompts. Prisms is built on large language models such as GPT-3, DALL-E, and Stable Diffusion to generate high-quality text, images, and videos. Prisms provides a pre-built UI for deploying applications, or the option to use Prisms as a custom front-end and back-end. Prisms is a private AI workspace that does not store, monitor or sell user data, nor does it send data to third parties such as OpenAI. Prisms uses end-to-end encryption to protect user data and the private infrastructure hosting AI models.


Prisms is still under development and won't be launched until 2023. Prisms may not offer the same level of customization and control as hand coding or writing AI prompts. Prisms may not support all types of data sources, user input, and building blocks that user applications may require. Due to its private infrastructure and encryption, Prism may have limited scalability and reliability. Prisms may face legal and ethical challenges regarding the use of large language models and their potential impact on society.