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Zevi is a platform that helps businesses improve their website search and chat capabilities. It uses artificial intelligence (AI) to understand what customers are looking for and guide them to the best product or service.


Paid plans start at $5/month

What is

Zevi may also create personalised, conversational buying experiences via an AI-powered chat assistant. Zevi works in numerous languages and platforms and gives analytics and advertising and marketing instruments to optimize conversions and gross sales. Zevi is greater than a easy search engine, however a sensible and highly effective answer that transforms your web site right into a discovery and engagement hub.


Zevi can help businesses attract and retain more customers by delivering a better search experience. Zevi can help customers discover products that match their intent and preferences, reducing frustration and bounce rates. Zevi can help by using data-driven insights and data. Advice for businesses to optimize their website performance and revenue Zevi can help businesses stand out from their competitors by providing unique and innovative search solutions Zevi can help businesses expand their search capabilities across languages and markets


Zevi may not be compatible with some legacy or custom platforms that have specific requirements or limitations. Zevi may not be able to handle complex or ambiguous queries that require human intervention or clarification. Zevi may not cover all product categories or areas. Enterprises may offer or require Zevi. For some budgets or resources May not be affordable or cost-effective for limited small and medium-sized businesses Zevi may not guarantee the quality or accuracy of search results or chat assistant responses